Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Word up #19..... can you believe it?
I can hardly believe that I have been with all these great girls for this amount of time! I can't wait for the day that I can meet them ALL in person! Everytime there is a get together I have something on the go.... you know like a wedding or a baby! I am not complaining but I feel like we are all good friends and I really can't wait.... one of these days I will get organized and plan it right! so first off is my layout for OLW and I know I am a bit late with it but I have had other committments and couldn't get back to blogging! lol

this is GIGI'S word and I totally love it! Check her blog out she is the cutest ever! Let's see so what else is new.... well Manda is almost halfway done if you can believe it....
How cute is this.... Love it, brings back so many memories! We have been doing a little bit of shopping nothing too serious but little things and looking at all the great new baby things! Wow it has come a long way since my babies were tiny!

Next in Scrappin news is the SPRING THING!!!! wooooohooooooo it's that time of year again to get your scrappin stuff out for a full day of scrappin fun..... have a great day with your friends, no kids, no hubbies.... just scrappin.... all day long....there is only so much room and it is filling up fast so if you are interested let me know! e-mail me at memoriesbylynn@shaw.ca

This is it for today ladies, don't forget tomorrow is GIGI's technique at OLW so make sure you check it out and you have till Friday at midnight to get your layouts posted..... great prizes!

Have a great day everyone!


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Anne Thompson said...

Hey Lynn! My computer won't show me the pics, but I'll check back later.