Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So How is everyone's week going???? K so it is freezing....
here.... I don't remember it being this cold before! Unreal, I think this morning the thermometer said -31 not uncluding the wind! Freezing! I know it is January but still!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy! So there are a few things, first make sure you all check out OLW tomorrow for the word up! Next is the class for January:

There is a little mini album in on this layout and all together I think there is about 25 pictures! Great way to get all your GOOD christmas pics on one layout! Next is the Feb class... a mini "just us" acrylic album on the 7th, it's sold out but I may have some kits available. The next is the layout classes on the 21st and the 28th.... the 21st still has some room!
One more thing and that is a date for the "Spring Thing" it will be on May 24th! Woooohoooo It seems like a little ways away but it will be here before we know it and with that will come some warm weather! YAY! Stay warm for all you Alberta Chicks! Have a great day!



Renee said...

Love the layout...and yes it's way tooo cold!!!! for any human or anything for that matter! Bet this isn't what you expected to come home to after your holiday huh? lol

Christine said...

hello, thanks for the comment on my page :) you know... i'm 2 months behind with scrapbooking now that i've picked up on a photography class! YIKES!

this is a great LO! Love the picture idea! great bellies!

Anne Thompson said...

It is freezing here too! We had a blizzard in BC yesturday! Perfect weather for staying inside and scrapping though hey?! Love hte LO as usual! Take care, Anne

Maz said...

Great to find your blog! Love you LO on OLW today :-)

jessi said...

wowzers!! what a beautiful layout for your layout class!!

and how lucky were you to have a little getaway in the carribean!!

have a fabulous weekend!!

Danielle said...

BEAUTIFUL layout!!!!

It's chilly willy here too ~ had a flash freeze on Wednesday (went from +2 degrees to -20 degrees in about 1 hour...NUTS I tell ya!)

Going to see the SPICE GIRLS on Sunday....should be an exciting concert!

Have a great weekend Lynn :)

Anonymous said...

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