Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It is good to have and end to Journey towards, but it is the Journey that will matter in the end"

I love this quote! It reminds of how careful we need to be what we do with our lives now! Life is so busy that I wonder if we even have time to think much about what we are doing, what we want to be doing, and what we should be doing! Once again tonight our supper table was very quiet. Actually Rob and I started having supper by ourselves and talked about what it will be like when we are 60!(scary thought) unfortunately I am sure that won't be that far off! Well maybe a few years yet! It won't be too terribly long from now and it will be lots quieter,well thanks to Mandas reminder and she will be bringing all of her children over! Thankfully we have scrapbooking and photos to remind us of days gone by, for that I am grateful! Remember to take lots of pictures! Going through some old scrapbooks tonight, I was so glad that I had the memories, even though it is very old style scrapbooking, the memories are still there. Remember the reason why we are scrapbooking, because we love it! It's back to my quiet little sanctuary to finish up the cutest layout with one of my new pictures(thanks again Tere!) Talk to you all soon!



Anonymous said...

Hey Sis.....

Do you need me to stay for supper every night because I really don't mind!!
The last couple blogs that you have wrote nearly brought tears to my eyes, what's up with that? It's funny that you mentioned that you were going through your old scrapbooks.......me too (well the few pages that I actually finished long ago).
Anyways, gotta go, keep the cool blogs with pictures coming!!

Love, Karen.

Lynn said...

If you are noisy that would help a lot! But you would have to be very loud!!!lol

Anonymous said...

love the picture!!