Thursday, September 28, 2006

In the mood for some change!

o.k. so right now I am in the middle of LOTS of projects! Too many in fact. I have been wanting to change the colour of my fireplace for about 7 years! I HATE oak! I know people call me crazy but it is so boring! It is time to add some colour and make this place a little bit more exciting! The other day Rob(the biggest sweetheart ever) changed the colour to white. Actually it is a bit off white and I love it! Then with those great family pictures i am framing a big print, adding some decorating and voila! hopefully the finished project will be exactly wht i am looking for. I will post a picture next week when it i complete! Can't wait! I have been super busy designing some really great stuff so keep posted to the website if you don't get my regular e-mails. If you are interested in getting regular e-mails just send me a quick e-mail and i will add you to the list! Lots of fun! There is also one other thing that has been on my mind. The other day Rob went to the coffee pot to make our regular pot of morning coffee (we sit ever single morning before the kids get up and have coffee and a blether(scottish for chat) He mentioned that his PET PEEVE (I am sure it is his only one! lol) is changing the coffee filter! Like how come when i am doing the dishes I can't quickly rinse out the coffee filter? I really couldn't answer cause i really don't know why, just have never thought about it! Anyone have any pet peeves out there? Let's share!
talk to you soon,



Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn,

Do you really want to hear about my pet peeves?? Who would have ever thought that after 20+ years of marriage that Rob does not like the coffee grinds left in the coffee pot?? I guess you really do learn something new everyday!

Please keep in mind that these are in no particular order:

1. People who drive with kleenex on their back window? (how on earth are you suppose to reach those back there).

2. Tailgaters.......not happy about them at all. Especially when I am in the SLOW lane going the speed limit and they have the nerve to speed next to me just so they can give me the finger .....yup, you heard right.....the finger......not happy at all about that one.

3. People who are fast walkers that walk right behind you and then bump into you and look at you as if you are in the wrong....."I'm sorry but I did not see a sign at the front doors NO SLOW WALKERS"

Seriously don't know how I am going to do with the Christmas drivers and shoppers.....wish me luck.

Great blog as usual, thanks for the blether......


Anonymous said...

Those are absolutely great! Never thought about the Kleenex box! Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Here's one for you. People who turn into the left-hand turning lane and THEN put their signal light on. Yeah, thanks for the heads-up, very helpful AFTER the fact! And my other big one (and Lynn, this'll give you a clue as to my identity), I absolutely HATE it when I'm walking down the aisle of the aircraft and people poke me in the BUTT to get my attention. Excuse me, but did you not notice that's my a** you're poking?????? EXCUSE ME MISS WORKS REALLY WELL! Oh and my biggest pet peeve about good ol' hubbie ... he leaves his dirty clothes piled on the floor when the laundry basket is only a foot and a half away. "That's okay, honey, it's really just a decorative piece!" Ha, Ha! Hope you enjoyed these! See ya next week!

Anonymous said...

are all men the same????? apparently! Well some are clean freaks I am not sure which would be better. Can't live with them and can't live without them.....well maybe!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynn
I was going through your website and I am in awe of you You are very smart and you seem to love what you do. Your layouts are awesome and I do want to start coming to your classes, but you seem to always be full when I want to sign up.Please keep me in mind for your fall festival as I cant wait to meet you and all your friends who seem to be enjoying your classes.I hope to hear from you soon By the way I had a good chuckle at the pet peeves and I have a good one. When my husband leaves his clothes on the floor I geuss he figures that is where you hang them up, so I had a good solution I put it all in a garbage bag and asked him to take it to the garbage and he was appaled that I would do that and as I told him he obviously does not need this stuff when he puts them on the floor. That did the trick and he has not put even a sock on the floor.
Take care Lynn Hope to hear from you soon

Amanda said...

Wow I have definately got a serious laugh at all the different pet peeves thats for sure. They are actually so hilarious some of which I have never really thought about but yet seem to drive me crazy all the same. I am not even going to start on my list of pet peeves but I can guarentee you it would definately be a long list. It's definately agreed you are a talented person ma and I'm glad that others see that as well..... Will most likely be at your class coming up.... Talk to you soon. Love you

Sharla said...

Hey ma!
i love what you have done with your page its actually awesome. so much more personall and you.your the best mom anyone could ever ask for. wanna hear my HUGE pet peeve when someone doesnt reply to text messages! i know its a big different generation, me talking about text messaging and all you..young but older than me women are thinking what the heck. ask your children im sure they will know if they are in the teenager age.but love you alot. talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

hey Lynn, so the whole pet peeve thing is awesome, but I've got so many it's hard to list them all. I guess many are just things that generally bug me in life, but 2 big ones would be...
a) people that don't know how to drive a traffic circle! I drive ours atleast once a day, and it's really easy to follow the signs and there's the rules posted all over McKenzie Towne, but people still don't get it! I als\most wrote off the car yesterday just because people don't grasp the concept of right of way and this person didn't yeald to me when I had signalled my intentions and was trying to exit the circle, they just drove right in and right infront of me. I'm glad I didn't have the kids with me because a neon verses SUV isn't a pretty picture!
b) my other peeve has to do with this weekend, being Thanksgiving and all, we're expected to spen it with family-extended family other than just our kids which is family enough for me. Anyways, it drives me crazy when our family, especially the ones without kids, are telling us how to raise our kids and looking down on us for the choices we've made with our children. I'm sorry for those that don't like it but our kids like their personal space and sometimes that means that they need to be put somewhere quiet with a tv to watch for a short while when there's about 15 people jammed into a 900 sqft home! They're bound to be a bit hyper when they're so overstimulated like that. TV is relaxing for them too, how many of us adults don't enjoy it!
anyways, love the blog, thanks for letting me rant!