Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ok Seriously???
September 8th was the last time I posted?? Id say that is a bit ridiculous..... K no excuses we will leave that one alone.... It has been busy though I will just say that. Hope things have been going good for everyone!

I haven't posted since before the Teresa Collins event in Vegas, which was fantastic as always! Can't wait till next year! We did some great projects and of course Las Vegas is always fabulous! So glad that is where the event is every year!
Did a photoshoot yesterday with my sister and her cute boys! Had lots of fun, it was chilly put perfect at the same time!

 This is one of my faves!!

Its Shabby Chic 7-9 this week.... we are almost half way through another album, so hard to believe! Kind of scary how fast the time is going!
Love Love Love this photo of Shar and Ella, this was a shoot that I did in September.... anyways like I said I have no excuses other than 'Life happens'
Enjoy your week everyone...
It is word up later on this week over at One Little Word so make sure you check it out....

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