Thursday, January 17, 2013

So much Fun!!
so most of you know that Lori and I just returned from CHA in Anaheim California, and all I can say is WOW!!!! Simply amazing how we come back from there! Refreshed, excited, creative, relaxed, and just so full of inspiration! It was fabulous! There is so much talent out there it is seriously crazy! Not to mention that I had a few of my layouts in Mr. Tims booth and I have to say that was such a hilight!!! It was so exciting i was blown away! And believe me there is some serious talent in that booth! I have to admit that when I was first asked to do it...(after I pinched myself and jumped up and down screaming like a crazy person.... jk, but can you just imagine that? lol) I was like What????? I could never have my stuff in there, there is some amazing artists in that booth and I really didn't believe that I could be one of them! Anyways long story short I was and It was awesome!!!
Here is one of the layouts from Tim's booth, I will add more soon! I will also add some photos of our teime in Anaheim at the show! I have to admit I thought of changing up my style and then i was like.... Lynnie give your head a shake, it really was good and some really cute stuff! We did lots of orders so hopefully it won't take too long for anything to come in.... speaking of that....

 We are having our Imagine 2.0 event in April....
I know it may seem a bit early but we got stuff for our classes from CHA and I am giddy with excitement, I can hardly stand it actually! Make sure if you want one of the few spots left that you call the Scrapyard to save your spot! 403-271-2225

While we were away... OLW had a new word up!!! The word is resolution this time around, Miss Karla picked it this time around.... so for this year not only is my resolution "be me" that is my words to live by for this year!!! So if you would like to play along and do up a little something stop by the blog!
Here is what I created:

 So peeps....until next time... and yes it will be soon since i have 4 classes next week,

chat later!



Marjie Kemper said...

Gorgeous LOs! Congrats on being featured in the booth... your work is stunning.

Sandy said...

Just followed the link from one lucky day.. Wow your work is wonderful and how exciting to be in Tims booth Congratulations..
Sandy :)