Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hey everyone!
Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend so far! I am feeling so incredibly inspired by CHA and all that went along with it.... like crazy inspired!!! I wanted to share this weeks class with all of you and maybe even a couple more layouts from Tim's booth! Speaking of that you should all check out 'One lucky day'! Deb share a few of the happenings that go in to getting the booth set up for a trade show! Super fun, although a lot of work the finished product is so amazing that I think its worth it! I can hardly wait until the new product arrives at the Scrapyard!

so Here is the class for this week:

sweet Kianna! She us such a little sweetie!!

and a couple of the layouts from the booth!

I have to say it was so fun to work with Tim's product! Differnet for me in a challenging way of course.... Loved it though!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Until the next time...


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