Friday, April 06, 2012

layout #11!
wow... so hard to believe that we are half way through our albums! Now the countdown is on.... Geez life is busy I was just thinking about all the thngs that I really have to get done asap... i am workin on it and I promise to post the Happiness project in the next day or two.... i have a million ideas running through my head, I just have to figure out which one is really worthy to be in that amazing little journal... this month it is all about our children..... hmmmm interesting! I was going to add some fabulous pics of my trip but that will have to wait......
For now just wanted to post the layout for this week....
This is one of Christy Tomlinsons new paper which I absolutely LOVE!!!!! I LOve her style, love her attitude... she is really just a sweet person... I know I totally act like i know her and I so don't... only seen her at CHA but didn't even introduce myself!!!! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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