Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Saturday!!!!

okay well not sure about happy Saturday because it rained most of the day but at least it is sunny
I know someone in my household that is happy.... Cole got himself a car today and I am sure he is doing the happy dance! I know I am! now i don't need to worry about making sure I am home to give him a vehicle for work.... Life has been crazy busy as a good way though I would way rather be busy than not.....

Here is layout #7.... THe photo was taken at the Spokane falls.... When Lori and I were there for Farm chicks (which was amazing by the way!) we went down to a park not too far from our hotel...

There was an amusement park there as well as some beautiful falls.... hard to believe that was right in the middle of downtown spokane.... so pretty!

Cole finished up his grade 12 this week, Shalaina will be done i think the end of next week....SHarla will be turning 20 in less than a month... Ella will be a year old in less than two..... where did the year go? So hard to believe... wonder what the next year will bring? I feel anxious and worried all at the same time.... sometimes I would like to know the future and then realize that i really don't.....

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,


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