Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Farm chicks..... 2011

so I totally had to share some favorites from farm chicks....there have been so many great shots on different peoples blogs that I thought I better share some of my own! Not that they are anything fabulous..... just great memories, and I am so okay with that!

so to start off... Lori and I left bright and early.... well early for some.....(no names mentioned!) on Friday morning.... and got to spokane around 5;30. Had such a great trip just chatting and eating.... and eating.... and eating....oh and a little chatting! Ok a lot of chatting but let me tell you the trip flew by! lol

We got to the hotel which was like arriving at the lifestyles of the rich and famous.... loved it a lot! and no I don't get out much but Lori is changing my old ways... which I so love by the way!

We checked in the hotel and phoned our good friends.... well I think they are good friends....ok so I didn't really know any of them except for Paula from 7 gypsies and yes she is my good friend! We ended up having supper with them at a very nice placed called 'Twigs'....how cool is that name? Loved it a lot and loved the food and everything that went along with it!

ok so left to right... Nancy, Paula, me, Lori, Sandi, and Layle.....

tjhese are some of the photos that I took on our little 'road trip' to farm chicks which I am so going to go to again! Totally worth it!

This was at the park that was right by our hotel.... like who knew!

so many cool booths!

at the 'cool' park! Might even frame this one!!!!!

Until next time.....


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Becky said...

You were at Farm Chicks? I ran into Layle and Sandy and had no idea you were there with them! Glad you had a good time...we did too!