Monday, September 06, 2010

The first real week of September.....
in other words.... the first week back to work! Not that what I do is 'real' work because it sure isn't! More of a social, fun thing with a GREAT bunch of ladies! I am lookin quite forward to it actually! Hope everyone got the picture requirements becuse like I said in my e-mail you won't be able to do the layout without your picture! I wanted to share some more random shots from this summer.... there will be morre cause I took lots so hope you all don't mind!

Sharla and her friend Danielle.... these girls have been friends since they were about 2.....they are the friends who might not talk for a long time an then pick up where they last left off.... Love that!

Kianna with her little bonnet that Manda loves! (not!!!!) We were at Heritage park so she fit right in!
Shar and her little peanut.....
Miss Ella chattin with her mom!
Kianna posin for the camera!
We went to Heritage park last week and had a great day, Had lunch and enjoyed looking around the park! It was a great way to end of the last real week of summer holidays! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


Cody, Amanda and Kade said...

Love love love the pics Mom...Kianna looks soooo big. Was looking back at what I wrote in my journal a while ago Kade was 10 months and just getting out of 3-6 month clothes...crazy hey? So apparently Kianna is growing quite rapidly compared to what I am used to...sooooo cute! Love them both! Love that you capture so many precious pics for me. :)

Valery said...

Love love love your pics Lynn.... what precious memories! Can't wait to see you on Thursday!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures mom!!! Your blog is so fun to read and look at all your fantastic pictures!!!

Love you,