Monday, July 26, 2010

the old stomping grounds.....
what a great way to finish off a really nice weekend! well an even better way would have been to be celebrating a new little baby into our family....however this was the next best thing! We spent the evening down at Sandy Beach..... went for ice cream first though, which again was awesome! We used to take the kids down to this great little park when they were little and here we are again taking the grandbabies down to the same spot! It was so fun! Kade loved it by the river, playing in the rocks and in the water! Him and abe had a reat time skipping rocks.... well actually we all had fun doing it, not that I can but I tried!

I had the perfect photo set up for this picture.... had a fabulous image in my mind....and this is what I got! this wasn't qhite what i had in my mind however I love it anyway, the only thing missing is Shawn and Cole! This is my wonderful but chaotic family.... just as they are!

Gabe and Kade havin a good laugh!
OUr sweet little Kianna girl... she is growing so fast and is just the sweetlest little thing ever! so what if I am biased.... i am so allowed! lol
Kade trying to keep up!
He loved the dirt and rocks and muck! He had a great time!
Sweet girl!
Manda and Cody! Love this picture of them!
It was so fun! We were trying to get Sharla out walking still no baby yet, I will keep you all posted! have a great week!



Tyler and Jessica said...

ya, we were hoping for baby news too!!! i kept looking at my phone, like, is this thing broken?? hahah.. I was obsessed with keeping it fully charged "just in case".. ha!! But it won't be long now!! Looks like an awesome weekend, Lynn! You have a BEAUTIFUL family!!

Valery said...

Especially love the photo of Manda, she is gorgeous.... The one of the whole family is great too.... sounds like the perfect day Lynn, don't you just love creating a memory!