Thursday, July 01, 2010

Give me your best shot....
ok girls.... for those of you that are in my shabby chic album classes..... make sure that you start to take some summer shots....lots of them..... in fact your very best summer shots! In the fall I want to do something really fun with some of those fabulous summer shots!
take this one for instance.... how cute is this little munchkin???? gotta love him, he will not look at the camera for any more than about 1 second.... if that!!!! monkey! Anyway make sure you do take some really great shots.... i will fill you in later!.... trust me! and pass this message on to anyone you know that is in the class or may be in it in the future!
Love you girls! miss you too!


1 comment:

Valery said...

Oh, I'm so excited..... I will definately be taking a ton of summer shots and can't wait to see what we will be working on.....Is it September yet?????