Monday, March 08, 2010

so what happened te the weekend? lol Ok sorry irls here is the lyout for Tonight, tomorrow all day and Thursday....if you don't know the size just give the Scrapyard a call, they will fill you in....

Just walked in the door from Costco... that was so fun I can't wait to do it again...... not......!!!! I have to do a layout, prep for a class, get some supper ready, put my groceries away, answer some e-mails and be at my class to get it ready by about 5:15! Yikes!!!!!!!!!!! wish me luck!!!



Cody, Amanda and Kade said...

Good kind of peeled out of my driveway so i figured you might have been a little stressed...ha ha! LOL! So Costco tomorrow???? I'll be ready at

Denise said...

hope all went well. I love Costco but yikes! I have anxiety every time I pull into the insanity of the parking lot.