Friday, March 05, 2010

Layout #20...
Hey ladies here is the layout for Saturday..... if there is any that need pics I am still up! lol.... it is quarter to ten, I am in my scrap room, the music is on and I am getting all the kits ready for tomorrow! Nothing like waiting till last minute!

Had to share some of my favorite pics fromthe last couple of weeks.... Love these guys! Things are busy but they are good for now.... starting next week I am starting the new layout classes and I really am hoping to keep up with posting the layouts here so bare with me while I get myself organized! I will be doing 4 layout classes per week until the end of May! Wow! The response has been amazing and it has been so much fun! Thanks to all of you so far! Have a great rest of your Friday night!



Cody, Amanda and Kade said...

Absolutely love the layout...and love, love, the pics. The one of Cole and Kade is amazing I love it!!!!! You are a great photographer ma and oh yah can't wait to have you BACK at the end of May...ha ha!!!

Marit said...

Hope your weekend turns out lovely and happy.. LOVE to pay you a visit now and then and take a look at all your gorgeous layouts and precious pictures!