Monday, August 24, 2009

Sweet Sweet summer time.....
so this post will be oh..... so boring, no pics! I have tried for the last twodays to post pics and nope....notta...... nothing.....Blogger is so not cooperating..... oh well! I will fill you in on the last ffew weeks! Life..... has been busyy, I am sure it is the same for all of us, we try to make the very most of the last sweet carefree days of summer, gotta love it! I promise to post some pics soon if I can! Wednesday is word up at OLW so make sure you check that out! I had a boy turn 16 and get his license! so hard to believe! like where did my sweet little blonde boy go.... He is all grown up! Starting grade 11! We spent a week out at the Shuswap this summer, and totally enjoyed every day! Had great weather! Had so much fun! I WILL be starting classes again, probably late September so make sure you check bck for that! A few things in the works right now, I will keep you all posted! The Kids arre all back to school this week so I really promise to try to update this poor neglected blog! until then,
I"m out,


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Kimberly White said...

Sounds like you had a great summer! So glad!