Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's word up!!!!
here we are again! Hrd to believe nother two weeks has flown by! WOW! And look at me two posts in one week, I know.... how good am I? So the last post had no pics, not sure what blogger was up to but she finally let me post some this time around! Ronda's choice of word for this time around, "beauty" Love it! There is so much beuty around us everyday! Take a look around and see what is beautiful in your life..... then make sure you go over to OLW and post your creation.... it is lots of fun!
I also wanted to post a few of my favorite shots for this week..... I also took some shots of a newborn this week, I will post those next time, don't want to overload you all too much!

Shalaina and Kade....this little guy is just so sweet, growing up so fast!

SHalaina and Brittani at the lake....

Sweet boy!

and this guy just turned 16.... got his drivers license too! Hard to believe......not sure where the last 16 years have gone!
Hope everyone is having a great week!


annika said...

Great layout and pics Lynn - can't believe Cole is driving! Happy to hear you are planning some classes for September. It'll be great to see you and the rest of the gang again!

Denise said...


Marit said...

Love to look at all your photo's! Such a nice, beautiful bunch of kids! And your LO rocks again!

Revlie said...

beautiful layout girl, and look how big he already looks! Awesome Cole's got his drivers license and wow, in HOlland you have to be 18 :D