Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hey ladies!
How are things with everyone? Right now I am looking out of my studio window to about 5 feet of snow... it is slowly melting but have I mentioned how sick and tired of this yucky weather I am???? I know you are all tired of it too.... maybe since tomorrow is the first day of April it will get better, here's hoping! So Miss Karla tagged me on her blog.... I am supposed to go the photos forlder on my computer, go to the 7th folder, then go the 7th picture and post it with a description.... so here goes....a picture of Kade and Cole! Cole loves Kade so much it is so cute! Love it! I m supposed to tag 7 people..... and since I don't like to tag anyone just play along if you like!
and this is my new dress, how cute is this! Love it! Hopefully it looks this cute on me!
Have a great day everyone!



Kimberly White said...

A great pic ... and what a beautiful dress! Just in time for spring! Have a great day Lynn!

Marit said...

Love the dress!!! Realy my kind of thing! (yep - I'm a flowerpowerchild, prove is over here on my blog: http://marit.marius-siroen.com/?p=1981

Please make a pic of you wearing it - I'm sure it looks even better on YOU than on that model!

Ronda P. said...

I bet you look fabulous in that dress. Love the picture of Kade & Cole.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

how precious is that photo? and I am so lovin' your dress Lynn!

Laura said...

oh NOOO!!! i hate hearing about snow in all these places. i think i will hibernate if it decides to be that obnoxious outside again here!

super cute dress!!! :)

Cody, Amanda and Kade said...

Love the post and the new blog colors and such...cute.
Cute pic of the dress and yes you do look that cute in it...Have fun wearing it in vegas with your oh so cute shoes...WA HOO!!!!

Anne Thompson said...

Oh that is a great dress! i can picture wearing that all spring and summer long!