Friday, March 20, 2009

Ahhhhhhhhh...... Spring is in the air.....

Love that...... I know that I have said it already in a previous post and I know that we are supposed to have a little bit cooler temps this weekend..... but today the sun is shining and It is gorgeous! Can't wait to get outside! Just wanted to share my layout from last nights class!
Had a really full class..... it was awesome and I think everyone really enjoyed it.... I did anyways!
Feels like a busy week this week but really didn't get that much accomplished.... I did tidy my studio up a little bit..... a little bit still lots to do so maybe get a little bit more done today! I let the kids stay home today, they start Spring Break now for a week! Hope the weather is nice next week so they can get outside..... Have a great Friday everyone and an awesome weekend!



Denise said...

Gorgeous the colours!!!!

Kimberly White said...

I can hardly wait for spring! Thanks for sharing your beautiful layout ... have a great day Lynn!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

Thanks again for last was so fun! I absolutely love this layout!


Marit said...

Again a beautiful lay out Lynn! And yes, can't wait for spring either - although it rained al through the day in Holland, and weathermen predict more of that coming...:( But crocusses are blooming in the garden so it WILL be here eventually!

Anonymous said...

As usual an AMAZING layout! LOVE what you did with the paper. Robin