Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Back!!!!!!!
so are you all getting sick of me telling you how busy I am???? Well to be perfectly honest I am sick of me telling ME I am busy!!!!! Crazy Life! Anyways I am finally getting around to posting my OLW layout! "imagine" what a great word, LOVE IT! Speaking of OLW the 3 additions to our creative team were nnounced to day so make sure you go over nd check those girls out! They are lots of fun and have been wordsters from the beginning!

'imagine the possibilities'
Shawn Has been home for a few days so he has been happy to have his 'uncle' time with Kade.... so sweet seeing Kade starting to recognie everyone and he is soooooooooo happy! Smiley and sweet, melts my heart!

What a little sweetie heh!!!! Gotta love them when they are so tiny and sweet!
I will be posting my brag book class and my layout for fall festival on Friday!!!speking of Fall Festival I may have one or two spots left.... November 8th from 10-10 at the Scrapyard... we will be doing the layout and having a light lunch and supper! Send me a quick e-mail if you are interested... the cost is $90.00. I know you won't be able to believe that I am going to post twice in one week! (i haven't done it yet so don't get too excited!) Have a great day everyone, chat soon!



rev said...

awww what a little precious little one!!

Renee said...

HELLO!!!! yeah that's me waving wayyyyy up here....miss ya girl!

Petra van Osch said...

Such a beautiful layout! And that little grandson of you is looking so cute. It's good to see that he's doing great!