Monday, June 02, 2008

Rain Rain go away.....
I am so glad that Saturday was nice! We had an awesome day of sitting in the sun and enjoying the day.... doing a little bit of yard work in between getting a suntan.... it was perfect................. then since then RAIN..... I am tired of the rain already! Although I did get lots done today inside so that was good!
I managed to get a couple of pics of our little prego.... how cute is she! We are down to about 6 weeks hard to beleve how fast time goes by.... maybe not for her though! lol
So what does everyone think of this Kit? Wanna know how you can get your hands on it? Well.................. check back on Wednesday and I will tell you! Sorry but it is a surprise till then! So make sure you come back! Plus it is word up on Wednesday to over at OLW!
Have a great night everyone!



Edleen said...

Beautiful shots Lynn!
hope the rain will go away...

wishing you a Happy Week ahead!
and that kit looks Yum!

Anonymous said...

Hi ya Bud:
Ya it was great playing in the yard on the weekend.. We'll have to get together to check each other's yard out. How beautiful is your little prego. Sharla lookin good hon. Okay love the goodies and you can bet I'll be checking in tomorrow early to see what I have to do. Can't wait to go on OLW too, to see the new word and your layout. You always always ace it.
Will email you later hon.
Love ya

Ronda P. said...

looks so adorable. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. Love the pictures. Can't wait until WEDNESDAY!

Anne Thompson said...

Oh she looks so cute! And that kit looks like fun!! Can't wait to find out what it's about!

bnovacek said...

she looks great! fun shots lynn!