Monday, June 09, 2008

Happy Monday Morning!
Good morning everyone! It's Monday, the sun is shining..... for now anyway! It has been raining for days so it is such a nice change! Just wanted to share some pics frome our weekend! We attended Jess and Sheldons wedding on Friday out in Nanton....such a nice wedding! It pured rain up until 1 minute before the ceremony started.... which was outside by the way! I think everyone was a little bit worried but the rain let up for the ceremony! It was so nice!

How cute is she? we are doing the countdown now... about three weeks to go! yay! Hard to believe!

what happened to my baby?
doesn't she look gorgeous?

so sweet!
Thats it for today everyone! No scrappiness this time although I do have to get downstairs and clean up my studio that looks like a bomb went off, so maybe I will share something after that! Have a great Monday!



rachel whetzel said...

What a GREAT dress!! She looks SO beautiful and HAPPY!!!

Tannis said...

you take the best photos! and when that grand baby is should totally call the oil of olay people to be their sopokesmodel cuz you? a grandma? As IFFFFF! you look like the sister!

Anonymous said...

I have a love for the back of wedding dresses...this one is no exception! I love her little jacket too!

Tisha said...

What a pretty wedding!! Great shots :-)