Monday, October 30, 2006

What a great way to end a week!
i love my Life, like how mch better could it get! I love my Job, I love my family! With the Fall Festival on Saturday, i thought this is great, Sunday is the next day I can just hang out and relax! This picture is our family, and a few extras for Sunday lunch... I know looks like lots for those of you not used to lots of teenagers around but it was great... we had a really nice day. Shawn brought his cute girlfriend home and Manda brought her cute boyfriend home! Shawn also had a friend over so it was good. Rob and Sharla, the sweethearts had the house cleaned up and the groceries bought for lunch... I wouldn't trade this life for nothing at all... One other thing, Thanks so much for the great comments I know it made my mom feel great!! Thanks again ladies for making Saturday so much fun!!


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