Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I don't even have all of my Halloween decorations up yet! I love Fall and I think maybe we have skipped it this year on to Winter! I feel that seasonal stress disorder coming on and think I need a holiday... O.k. I am just kidding, well not really but i guess i better get used to it since it sounds like there is lots more to come! I spent all day scrappin yesterday, and cleaning my house a bit! Feels great to get a bit accomplished. Anyway i am definately on a roll so i think I will do the same today! Thanks for all the comments and i am glad that lots of you have checked out the great new calender, sorry about the map being American but I probably won't post my house address anyway! Gotta run, CHEERS!


Anonymous said...

Lynn you are amazing, thanks for the help with the Adobe, you are my scrapbook mentor. I can't wait for Fall Festival.

Lynn said...

Thanks Marilyn! I am not sure about being a scrapbook mentor but I sure love making everyone happy! I am looking forward to the Fall Festival too it will be a great day! Thanks for all the great comments girls!