Monday, October 15, 2012

Life is good so.....
Let's Celebrate!

So most of you will remember 'one little word'..... If you don't, you can check it out Here! A few years back I was part of this amazing group of women.... it was fantastic! Because of life and different situations, Ronda (The mastermind behind OLW) decided it was time to back away from it... so to cut a very long story short, it never left her and because of that OLW is back up and running! And I am part of it once again! I am so excited to be back again with these amazing ladies!

This time around it was Jessi's word choice and she chose the word Celebrate.
I knew right away where I wanted to go with this word...

A lot of you ladies may know this story but for those of you that don't here it is....
Last year my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer.... He didn't seem overly worried when they found something there and when my mom called to tell us all she said was "They found a wee bit of cancer...." Like what the heck is a wee bit? That is the scottish in
Anyways my dad did really well and responded to the treatments really well and for now all is good.....
We are happy!!!
So in August my dad turned 70 and was so excited about it! ( not sure if I will be as excited as he was!) We had a party for him and i think he was so happy that he was able to celebrate it with all of his family around! We were too!
So my layout is called.... 'Life is good so Celebrate!'
Enjoy the little everyday moments everyone and Celebrate life!
make sure you go and check out 'One little word' and play along!!!

Until next time!



Karla Dudley said...

Amen! So happy to read this story. Seems like a lot of us are going through some rough times lately and this just really makes me smile! Happy Birthday!!!!! Love you sweetheart and I'm so glad we are together again and most of all that he's doing well!


Marjie Kemper said...

Beautiful LO! Glad to celebrate those happy times. So nice to find your blog from OLW... your work is beautiful, and I've just become your newest follower.