Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday night....
ok so I have to say that I had the most oductive day today than I have had in a really long time! So proud of myself actually.... my bedroom, although it still needs a little work is finally cleaned up! I really need to do a major overhaul but it was needed to have everything put away and tidied up and I got that done today! Yay me!!! I also got a lot accomplished in my studio! so excited to have put stuff away for now that is! I also got a little bit done on 'my week in my life" album and I have to say it makes me happy just looking at it....
here is a little peek:
you will love it when you see it in real life!!!
Next is my #4 child turned 19 yesterday! say what? I know right? like where does the time go? He told me on facebook to just think of the moments and not the, oh to be young again! I want to say just wait till your my age and i know he will say you were right mom.... it is flying by..... lol
it will come! lol Happy Birthday Cole!!! Love you dude!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! It  is just speeding past and I know for me anyways I am planning September... sad I know but I have to plan my classes at least!
I know most of you that read my blog will know that I am starting another Shabby Chic class... This will be the 6th album which is so hard to believe! I have to thank all of you for that! it has been a crazy fun time for me and I hope it has been for all of you as well!
We will be doing the 9th month(september) of our happiness journal which is like crazy, like we started that class in January and it gets funner every month! I can hardly wait to find a new book for January, I know that will be another fabulous class!!!!

This is all for now my friends, have a fabulous rest of your night!!!


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