Friday, February 03, 2012

I have an excuse I promise!
maybe its not an excellent excuse but it is an excuse all the same for being MIA.... last week Lori and I took off for sunny California to CHA! Yep it was that time again, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself once again! And once again I told Lori that same time same place next year would be fabulous.... we'll see how she feels about that! She might have been sick of me after a week.... hahaaa

Met lots of new people and some of the same that i think we can safely call friends now.... that is one thing that I LOVE about this industry is that we meet some really great people and share a common Love for all things related to our photos and our memories! Love that a lot! Wanted to share layout #4 with you all.....
I would also love to share some CHA photos but that will have to wait! Gotta get them off my camera first! lol
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and for some of you I will see you next week!


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