Sunday, July 10, 2011

You gotta love the lazy days of summer....

I know I sure do.... not that I don't miss you all at the Scrapyard but there is something about summer.... later mornings, later evenings.... although tonight I am already in my jammies and it isn't very late! lol Watching the kids splash around in the pool or with the hose or anything else for that matter! I really love it.... and we all know with summer here we have to enjoy every single minute!
Just wanted to share some of my faves from this week.... We have company from Scotland right now... my cousins, they aren't staying with us but I have been able to see a lot of them! Love it and I know I will miss when they are gone!

 Ella loving her slurpee! (is that bad?)
 Mr. Kade is such a good big brother, he loves Kianna..... hope that it lasts forever!
Kianna and Ella having a little chit chat about something! So cute and Mr. Kade is just super busy in the background!

Hope you are all enjoying your sweet summer days, remember to take lots of pics, capture the memories!!!!



Anonymous said...

All the pics are so so so adorable. I am in love....:)
Manda xxxx

Anonymous said...

Love the one of Kade and Kianna....for a quick snapshot it turned out good. And the one of all the kids....the little conversation was more squeeling if i remember correctly!! :)

And of course you and caroline look fab mom!! :)

Great pics once again...

Anonymous said...

Lynn loved all the pics ,cant wait til xmas to get my yearly pics actually I have them picked out already enjoyed having all the gradkids and great grandkids and yourself down on Monday it was a great to you soon love Mom.