Thursday, April 14, 2011

I braved the snow.... yayyyyy me...... i know lame but I did brave the weather and went and took shots of this sweet little 8 week old.... such a little sweetie! Had so much fun with him and his mom! Hope you like them!!!! Can't wait till you see the rest!

ok so what a day.... like April and it was snowing like that??? Really??? yep really!!!! So glad the gypsy girls weren't here for that... they might have never come back! lol

Ok so The Scrapyard hosted an event last week at the Nakoda lodge which was so fabulous!!! I Loved it! all of it!!! it was quite different teaching that many girls..... (like 50 some!) but it was awesome!!! Can't wait tilll next year! Although I told Lori the same thing after CHA! hahaaaa.... I am assuming she will want me back! ok enough of that nonsense! She will won't she???

Honestly it was great! The food was great, the venue was great, the people were great!!! all of it... fabulous is all i can say!

Our Shabby Chic 3 is finished except for the album and the make up class and I am teaching a shabby 4 in a couple of weeks, not sure how much room is left but if your interested give Lori a call at the scrapyard and sign up! YOu will love it!!!!

Until next time!!!


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Cody, Amanda, Kade and Kianna said...

Oh my goodness mom...These shots are GORGEOUS!!! Helps that you had an adorable little dolly to work with though hey??!
These are honestly great....My fav so far...:) You captured some amazing expressions...she will love them! :)