Saturday, January 08, 2011

photos of the week and a layout.....
sorry girls, I should have had this posted yesterday..... totally forgot! ANyways better late than never! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I am! Had a totally relaxing Saturday, it was awesome! Didn't do a thing! Well maybe a few things but nothing serious.....wanted to post these shots before I forgot! Just a few randoms of the kids.... my favorites of the week! Not sure how many of you are doing the 52 week challenge.... I am not reallydoing it, only because I have enough little projects but I LOVE the idea.... check it out! it is really good to remember yourself in the photos!
Ella Bella all stylin with her little jean vest on! Gotta love the way these girls are always dressed!

Gorgeous girl!
This little munchkins eyes are amazing they are so blue, just gorgeous!!!
Miss Shar and sweet little Miss Ella....
OUr Kade man.... this guy is about the most challenging little uy to get a shot of! Crazy boy! full of energy!
and of course the layout for this week.... Kade got a harmonica from Auntie Shar and I am not sure but I would say probably his favorite..... Shar and the harmonica! lol
Have a great day tomorrow and I will see most of you next week!


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