Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Friday..... night I guess....
wanted to share the layout for this week....Layout #6, it's at the end of this post because blogger is being really difficult! Anyways wanted to share some recent pics of the kids too....and Grampie...
sweet little Ella Bella.... poor kid is so gonna think that is her actual

Grampie and Ella catchin some much needed sleep.....Grampie loves his time with all the kids, so cute!
a few weeks ago we did that photo shoot with the babies and Kade decided it was his turn and thought the beads were pretty cool too! so fun!

Cole and Kade out tobaggining on a little hill beside our house.... like right besdie the house, it's awesome as long as they manage to aim right in the middle of the gate.....not even joking and the gate isn't very wide! Cole doesn't call himself the 'drift king'(yes thats what he does with his car!) for nothing!!!!and finally the layout for this week.... Shawn doesn't get home very much and when he does he just loves being around the kids! He will make a great dad!!! someday......Not now.... Have a great weekend everyone!


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Anonymous said...

Lynn, you have a wonderful family, I just love to look at all the pictures you share with us.