Friday, October 22, 2010

Rock on dude.....
we were looking through these shots last night and Sharla pointed out that our little Miss Kianna had the whole 'rock on' thing going on!!!! How cute is that? Even down to those cute little lips! I got home from the store yesterday and it was so beautiful out.... Manda said lets take Kianna out and get some pictures of her.... so off we went, just out to the backyard.... doesn't look quite as nice out there as it did a couple of weeks ago but oh well I wasn't takin pictures of the yard anyways.... just the cute little munchkins!

Kianna is such a little doll, she has the biggest blue eyes ever and such a little sweetheart!
She has a thing with her tongue right now....not quite sure but she loves to stick it out and roll it around..... it is soooooo cute!

Tries to get a few of Mr.Kade.... almost impossible but did manage to capture a few anyways! His sweater looks dirty but it is just water! lol He is in love with those stacking cups! Loves them and will play with them for hours on end....
Little Miss Ella is a little doll.... we were commenting on how much she is changing.... she is content to just sit now and entertain herself a little bit more.... she loves watching Kade! She has started to laugh the cutest little baby laugh..... love it!!!
Kade starting smiling more as soon as he saw the smartie box that auntie brought out! Gotta love Aunties!
Have a great day,



Cody, Amanda, Kade and Kianna said...

WOWZAA"S I LOVE THEM!!!! They are so absolutely adorable. So So So cute! The ones of Kianna are precious. She is such a little dolly....loved how she was sitting in that little bucket! :) Kade Sooooo cute!!! And of course little miss ella auntie loves you! :)

Anonymous said...

K, they are absolutely stunning! Love them all soo much!!!

You take stunning pictures mom!!