Saturday, February 13, 2010

Layout # ?????????

Ok so I have totally lost track.... sixteen or seventeen though.... Hard to believe we have almost completed a whole album! We Just STARTED!!!!! lol.... I love what everyone is doin with the albums too.... they are gorgeous.... we have to have a show and tell soon.....If you need to know pictture size, just call the scrapyard!and this boy is adorable! HOw cute is he blowing Grammy kisses.... gotta love it! It is amazing how busy he is even without walking he can' really gett around.... Manda is now 26 weeks pregnant with her next one and for those of you that don't know... I am going to have another Grandbaby this summer so that will be two more this year! WOW!!!!! Shar is expecting too..... so Happy for them both! She is going to find out what she is having in a couple of weeks! Manda already knows she is havin a girl! How fun! We are going to have one busy summer!!!! Have a ggreat Saturday everyone, us girls are off to a Valentines party with some amazing girls! Can't wait!



Anonymous said...

HEY lynn great pics of Kade as usual The hat is awesome as well The girls will be so busy in the summer as to who has the smartest baby go for it girls. Lynn you may have to buy another camera as it will take up a lot of your time taking pictures.and you are going to love every minute You must be thrilled Amanda is having a girl and so excited to see what Sharla is going to have cant wait.Happy for both of them. Talk to you soon Love MOM.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so again you did it. Love the layout. Still need to know how you do it EVERYTIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you give a class on layering, seriously, and sign me up. We'll talk.
Cute little man. Love his little face in the first photo, blacknwhite.
And yep were all excited about Amanda and her having a little girl. Love buying little girl outfits. Can't wait to hear what Sharla's baby is going to be.
Your going to be a busy Grammy this summer. I know.
Love ya

Lisa Marie said...

Lynn, You are going to be one busy Grammy!! And think of all the Photo ops! It will be so much fun for you to have 3 Grandbabies to love.
Take Care, Lisa

Marit` said...

Congratulations Lynn, that's awesome, all those little babies in the summer! YOu must be one happy granny! Kade is so cute.... love those "naughty eyes"!

Anne Thompson said...

Wow Lynn! So excited for all of you guys! Beautiful LO too!