Friday, February 20, 2009

T.G.I.F.... again....
so I really did have a great week this week but there is something about the weekends... gotta love them! I had a layout class last night that was awesome.... love Thursday class nights! I am also having a canvas class at the Scrapyard on Tuesday so if anyone is interested go check it out!
Lunch out today with my gal pals.... another thing I love and don't do it often enough! Shawn is home for the weekend, so excited about that....I think we are going out for supper tonight so that will be awesome, no cooking, although I don't cook Friday nights anyway.... wanted to share the new layout package.... sold out last night but might be able to scrounge one or two up if anyone was interested! I have been thinking so much about this girl this week..... and make sure you check out Jessi's technique on OLW!
Have a great weekend everyone!



Anonymous said...

Lynn, if you can do one more package up I will take it. As usual I think that it is just awesome. Lunch was great and we should do it more often.
Cheers Marilyn

becky said...

wish i could take one of your classes! hope you're having a good week!