Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2 WEEKS LATER.....and word up.....
here we are 2 weeks since my last post and there isn't really all that much to blog about....hard to believe that 2 weeks from now the kids will be back at school and life will return to somewhat of a normal routine.... The last two weeks have consisted of being at the hospital everyday..... sometimes twice, taking meals and just trying to help where i can....for now that is life.... Our little Kade is getting bigger everyday and for the last few days has been starting to feed and keep it down.... well most of it anyways! He is probably close to 6 and a half pounds now so he is getting bigger, out of the preemie clothes now! Yayyyyyy! He is precious.... Manda and Cody are coping but it is long days up there, Our excitement yesterday was taking the baby, tubes, IV pole and all and sitting outside the front of the hospital enjoying a coffee! This lasted for about ten minutes until his little machine started beeping off.... oh well it was awesome while it lasted!
Wanted to share my word up for this time round! 'FAITH'

Gi picked this word over at OLW and really it couldn't have come at a better time! perfect.... we have to have FAITH to believe that it will all be fine..... easier said than done some days! The picture on this layout was the first time Manda saw him since he left for the Childrens hospital... so precious....

and this boy turned 15 on August 10th.... WOW where do the years go! Seemed like yesterday....Happy Birthday Cole!

Cole absolutely adores Kade.... My mom mentioned the other day that he looks at him with complete adoration in his eyes! So sweet!

Sweet precious boy! Check out them eyes!

and this girl can't get enough of him either! In fact she is quite ticked if she doesn't get enough 'hold' time!There is no lack of lovin this little guy in our house! This is my life for this week, mke sure you get over and play along at OLW! Have an awesome day everyone!



Ronda P. said...

go Kade go. I have faith that everything will turn out the way it is suppose to be...especially since he is surrounded by all that love. I can't believe your Cole & My Lexi were born on the same exact day. Happy Birthday Cole.

Anonymous said...

As always great coffee break together. You aced the OLW layout again. Love your work - your way outside the box, hon. I'm so happy Kade's eating now. Here's hoping he gets to come home for the first time real soon. We'll all keep praying for him. Big hugs to Amanda and Cody. What a bright eyed sweety.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, I was so happy to see your post this week, and am glad that all is well, your little bundle will be home before you know it. Amanda and Cody are going to make such great parents, this will prepare them for all things. I do think about you all so often. Again another amazing layout.
Take Care and be sure an take a few moments every day just for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn its aunty ellen here your mom has been showing me the pictures of kade and he is a smasher.I was so excited to see him ,and I still say he is a wee braveheart. He can be his great granmas flower of Scotland if that is what she wants but he will always be my Braveheart kade.
aybe we will see you next week love Aunt Ellen. Amanda is looking great.luv ya.

Petra van Osch said...

I'm in love with your work as always!
Good luck with that precious grandson of yours. He's gorgeous and I hope from the bottom of my heart that he'll do great!!

Renee said...

So glad to hear that Kade is getting stronger and bigger by the day! What a blessing! Great hearing from u!