Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It went something like this....

Cole: Mom you should really come golfing with Cody and me on Thursday.

Lynn: I am really not in to golfing.... i don't think so.

Cole: Come mom you would really like it!

Lynn: No I don't want to but I will take you boys.

Cole: We really just need you there to rent the cart and drive for us!

Cole: Pleeeeeeeeeeeease! you will love it!

So it is really nice to know that they really didn't want me to golf just to drive the cart! Gotta love BOYS!

on another note for those of you that haven't checked out 'one little word' to see what the new word is.... you better get over there! There is so much talent out there, WOW!

Here is my layout for the challenge this week...

I also wanted to share a couple of pictures for you all...

I am hoping to have a class schedule worked out here soon.... not sure on dates yet though! Enjoy your day everyone!



Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

You may not have heard from me all summer, but I've been checking your blog faithfully! Nice to see something new! Very much looking forward to September's schedule, I'll be ready to start scrappin' again! Hello to everyone!


Tannis said...

which one is the mommy? holy crap girl! give the oil of olay people a call cuz you are smooookin hot for someone's mom!
oh, oops...burnin up the blog! lol! lov ethe layout. there is no balance here! gonna see how my layout for that coems along!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn, your scottish cuz here, fab layout as usual and am really loving the pictures they are totally gorgeous!! You get golfing (or driving) with those kids!!

Have a great day
Luv to everyone
Debbie xxxx

Marjolein said...

I just love you Layout for OLW, great papers and all!! And those, hard to tell who's the mom there!! You look so much alike!

Hope you have fun driving the boys today!!

Danielle said...

WOW Lynn...hahahahahah that golf story is too cute!!! *but it's ok, I love driving the cart too* ehheeh :)

LOVE the new word and the layout is GORGEOUS!!!!

WOW...I'm so enjoying looking at your daughter's wedding photos ~ they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Stampernmore said...

what a beautiful family you have. And did you have fun driving the cart? Lol! Boys are so funny!

Stacy said...

seen some of your daughters wedding pics on facebook gorgeous pics girl!!!!!WOW i already sent tannis the cj i had it done first weekend lol!! only time i had and the scraptime i get until scrapfest i think uuuugggghhhhh!!! anyways like tannis said which one is the mom here ??? love the lo to!!!

Ronda P. said...

Those pictures are awesome. An at least you can appreciate their honesty! Love, love your layout. As always...incredible!

Anne Thompson said...

Awesome pictures Lynn! You are one beautiful mama!

jessi said...

Hey lynn!! beautiful photo's as always!! your kids are beautiful!!!

and boys...aren't they stinkers??

have fun with your classes and have a fabulous weekend!!

Julie said...

LOL love the conversation!! Great pics and OLW LO!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Those pictures are so absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!
Love your layout!!! It's wonderful!!
And good for you for going golfing with the guys. I bet you had a good time!

Greensleeves said...

Gorgeous photos and a fab LO! Love the colour combination, so elegant.

gloria said...

sneaky boys!!