Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's a Rainy Day.....

Here is a little peek at the mini Fathers day album for the 'Spring thing'.... remember it doesn't have to be Fathers day it is just what I chose!!!! Whats everyone up to this week? It is raining like crazy here today so it is a good day to get some stuff done.... For the mini album, you don't have to worry too much about pictures.... you can add them later if you don't have any but between now and next weekend I thought everyone might get a chance to get a couple of pictures! You will get your front and back covers, 3 mini transparencies, and two pages for the inside, you will also get your fastener and a few fibers, as well as a couple of library cards. the decorating will be up to you. It is really cute, i think you will all love it! As far as the layout goes I am hoping to post it in the next couple of days... what I can tell you though is the theme is Girls..... Surprised???? This doesn't necessarily mean your girls, It could mean your mom, yourself, a girlfriend, your did out your favorite 'girlie' picture! I will also post some stuff next week as far as stuff to bring and so on!
Have a great day girls!



Ronda P. said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!

gloria said...


Anonymous said...

Good morning Lynn:
The little album looks great. Can't wait for Spring Thing-will start getting things ready this weekend. What size girls pic. do we need for the layout? Also, come to think of it for the album.
Thanks Lynn.
Eight more sleeps girls and we all get to play together.
Love ya Lynn

steph said...

this looks like a fab book!!