Monday, January 08, 2007

here is the January layout...
just thought that I would share the January layout class.
There are two classes, one on the 11th and one on the 18th
of January... I still have a couple spots on the 18th left
Watch the website for more info coming about upcoming classes
as well as some events coming up. One event being the
"Spring Thing" in May, I only have a few spots left for this event,
and the other being the "crop for kids"event in Edmonton in
October... I will keep you posted. Registration for this event
begins in March so I will let you know more about it
soon. It is supposed to be the biggest event that Canada has ever
had so it will be a great time... I do have a link for this event on
the right side of my blog so check it out.
This is all for now,


Kimberly White said...

What a gorgeous layout Lynn!
Wondering what your word is for the year? (Are you doing Ali's challenges?)
Have a lovely lovely day!

Ronda P. said...

so beautiful lynn! You know I love that graphic flower. It always amazes me how you just put things on paper & they look so gorgeous!

Danielle said...

OMG What a BEAUTIFUL Layout!!!!

A masterpiece :D

Sarah said...

Gorgeous layout Lynn!!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL layout girl!

steph said...

LOVE this design!! as well as the others. your designs are very fresh and fun!

Anonymous said...

hey lynn i really love that photo and whooooa that is alot of christmas presents. how many people you got living there lol. Anyway i really love the layout i will buy it the next time i come to one of your classes. Oh by the way im tottaly siked about your daughters wedding serously

ps:Im very sorry i have not came to one of your classes or emailed you i have been so busy with the kids