Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hey girls! Just back from holidays and what a holiday it was! Rob and I decided that it would be fun just to hang out with our kids and there friends, what we didn't realize was how many friends they actually had! Some mornings there were about 20 for breakfast and most of you that know me, know that mornings are definately not my favorite time of day! Anyways all in all the holiday was pretty good, everytime we come home from the lake I always wish that I was still there, so it must have been alright! Another thing that we do every year is try to figure out how to buy some lakefront property! I wonder if everyone does this or if is just part of my unrealistic side? Anyway it is about time to get back at it! Thanks for all the encouraging e-mails throughout the summer they have been great! Remember the fall festival coming up, i will be sending out some info shortly on that and the September schedule should be out soon as well! talk to you guys soon,



Anonymous said...

Hi There,
Cant wait!!!!!To get back in the swing of things!!!
Glad you had a great summer!
Anxiously awaiting your email!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait either! Summer is fun but it is so much funner to get back to scrapbooking! I can hardly wait for the fall festival!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynn
I was going through your website and I am in awe of you You are very smart and you seem to love what you do. Your layouts are awesome and I do want to start coming to your classes, but you seem to always be full when I want to sign up.Please keep me in mind for your fall festival as I cant wait to meet you and all your friends who seem to be enjoying your classes.I hope to hear from you soon By the way I had a good chuckle at the pet peeves and I have a good one. When my husband leaves his clothes on the floor I geuss he figures that is where you hang them up, so I had a good solution I put it all in a garbage bag and asked him to take it to the garbage and he was appaled that I would do that and as I told him he obviously does not need this stuff when he puts them on the floor. That did the trick and he has not put even a sock on the floor.
Take care Lynn Hope to hear from you soon